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UPDATE 11/24/2014: Thank you for your interest in the Cookie Clearinghouse. We have stopped work on this project.

This page remains for historical reference only.

The Cookie Clearinghouse has a great board of advisors, but we know the web is complicated and evolving. We actively seek input on how we can do better as we accomplish our goals of providing tools for user choice, consent, and transparency online.

We have two mailing lists you can join to learn the latest information about the Cooking Clearinghouse.

  • If you use the web and you are interested in privacy online, you are welcome to join theĀ CCH User’s Group.
  • If you work for a company with business interests affected by the Cookie Clearinghouse, you are welcome to join theĀ CCH Business Council. You do not need to represent your company in any official capacity.

Both mailing lists are low-traffic announcement lists. We will highlight progress to date, and post invitations to roughly monthly online discussions of the Cookie Clearinghouse’s work. During those discussions we will actively welcome feedback and new insights into how we can create better mechanisms.

Please join us to learn more and stay current.


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